Визуальное программирование и MFC



//Microsoft Visual C++ generated resource script. // #include "resource.h"   #define APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Generated from the TEXTINCLUDE 2 resource. //   #include "afxres.h"   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #undef APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS   #ifdef APSTUDIO_INVOKED   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // TEXTINCLUDE //   1 TEXTINCLUDE DISCARDABLE BEGIN "resource.h\0" END   2 TEXTINCLUDE DISCARDABLE BEGIN "#include ""afxres.h""\r\n" "\0" END   3 TEXTINCLUDE DISCARDABLE BEGIN "#define _AFX_NO_SPLITTER_RESOURCES\r\n" "#define _AFX_NO_OLE_RESOURCES\r\n" "#define _AFX_NO_TRACKER_RESOURCES\r\n" "#define _AFX_NO_PROPERTY_RESOURCES\r\n" "\r\n" "#if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) defined(AFX_TARG_ENU)\r\n" "#ifdef _WIN32\r\n" "LANGUAGE 9, 1\r\n" "#pragma code_page(1252)\r\n" "#endif\r\n" "#include ""res\\single.rc2"" // non-Microsoft Visual C++ edited resources\r\n" "#include ""afxres.rc"" // Standard components\r\n" "#include ""afxprint.rc"" // printing/print preview resources\r\n" "#endif" "\0" END   #endif // APSTUDIO_INVOKED     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Icon //   // Icon with lowest ID value placed first to ensure application icon // remains consistent on all systems.   #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) defined(AFX_TARG_ENU) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE 9, 1 #pragma code_page(1252) #endif IDR_MAINFRAME ICON DISCARDABLE "res\\single.ico" IDR_SINGLETYPE ICON DISCARDABLE "res\\singleDoc.ico" #endif   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Bitmap //   IDR_MAINFRAME BITMAP MOVEABLE PURE "res\\Toolbar.bmp"   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Toolbar //   IDR_MAINFRAME TOOLBAR DISCARDABLE 16, 15 BEGIN BUTTON ID_FILE_NEW BUTTON ID_FILE_OPEN BUTTON ID_FILE_SAVE SEPARATOR BUTTON ID_EDIT_CUT BUTTON ID_EDIT_COPY BUTTON ID_EDIT_PASTE SEPARATOR BUTTON ID_FILE_PRINT BUTTON ID_APP_ABOUT END         #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) defined(AFX_TARG_ENU) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE 9, 1 #pragma code_page(1252) #endif ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Menu //   IDR_MAINFRAME MENU PRELOAD DISCARDABLE BEGIN POPUP "&File" BEGIN MENUITEM "&New\tCtrl+N", ID_FILE_NEW MENUITEM "&Open...\tCtrl+O", ID_FILE_OPEN MENUITEM "&Save\tCtrl+S", ID_FILE_SAVE MENUITEM "Save &As...", ID_FILE_SAVE_AS MENUITEM SEPARATOR MENUITEM "&Print...\tCtrl+P", ID_FILE_PRINT MENUITEM "Print Pre&view", ID_FILE_PRINT_PREVIEW MENUITEM "P&rint Setup...", ID_FILE_PRINT_SETUP MENUITEM SEPARATOR MENUITEM "Recent File", ID_FILE_MRU_FILE1,GRAYED MENUITEM SEPARATOR MENUITEM "E&xit", ID_APP_EXIT END POPUP "&Edit" BEGIN MENUITEM "&Undo\tCtrl+Z", ID_EDIT_UNDO MENUITEM SEPARATOR MENUITEM "Cu&t\tCtrl+X", ID_EDIT_CUT MENUITEM "&Copy\tCtrl+C", ID_EDIT_COPY MENUITEM "&Paste\tCtrl+V", ID_EDIT_PASTE END POPUP "&View" BEGIN MENUITEM "&Toolbar", ID_VIEW_TOOLBAR MENUITEM "&Status Bar", ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR END POPUP "&Help" BEGIN MENUITEM "&About single...", ID_APP_ABOUT END END       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Accelerator //   IDR_MAINFRAME ACCELERATORS PRELOAD MOVEABLE PURE BEGIN "N", ID_FILE_NEW, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "O", ID_FILE_OPEN, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "S", ID_FILE_SAVE, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "P", ID_FILE_PRINT, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "Z", ID_EDIT_UNDO, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "X", ID_EDIT_CUT, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "C", ID_EDIT_COPY, VIRTKEY,CONTROL "V", ID_EDIT_PASTE, VIRTKEY,CONTROL VK_BACK, ID_EDIT_UNDO, VIRTKEY,ALT VK_DELETE, ID_EDIT_CUT, VIRTKEY,SHIFT VK_INSERT, ID_EDIT_COPY, VIRTKEY,CONTROL VK_INSERT, ID_EDIT_PASTE, VIRTKEY,SHIFT VK_F6, ID_NEXT_PANE, VIRTKEY VK_F6, ID_PREV_PANE, VIRTKEY,SHIFT END         ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Dialog //   IDD_ABOUTBOX DIALOG DISCARDABLE 0, 0, 217, 55 CAPTION "About single" STYLE DS_MODALFRAME | WS_POPUP | WS_CAPTION | WS_SYSMENU FONT 8, "MS Sans Serif" BEGIN ICON IDR_MAINFRAME,IDC_STATIC,11,17,20,20 LTEXT "single Version 1.0",IDC_STATIC,40,10,119,8, SS_NOPREFIX LTEXT "Copyright (C) 1998",IDC_STATIC,40,25,119,8 DEFPUSHBUTTON "OK",IDOK,178,7,32,14,WS_GROUP END     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Version //   VS_VERSION_INFO VERSIONINFO FILEVERSION 1,0,0,1 PRODUCTVERSION 1,0,0,1 FILEFLAGSMASK 0x3fL #ifdef _DEBUG FILEFLAGS 0x1L #else FILEFLAGS 0x0L #endif FILEOS 0x4L FILETYPE 0x1L FILESUBTYPE 0x0L BEGIN BLOCK "StringFileInfo" BEGIN BLOCK "040904B0" BEGIN VALUE "CompanyName", "\0" VALUE "FileDescription", "single MFC Application\0" VALUE "FileVersion", "1, 0, 0, 1\0" VALUE "InternalName", "single\0" VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright (C) 1998\0" VALUE "LegalTrademarks", "\0" VALUE "OriginalFilename","single.EXE\0" VALUE "ProductName", "single Application\0" VALUE "ProductVersion", "1, 0, 0, 1\0" END END BLOCK "VarFileInfo" BEGIN VALUE "Translation", 0x409, 1200 END END   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // DESIGNINFO //   #ifdef APSTUDIO_INVOKED GUIDELINES DESIGNINFO DISCARDABLE BEGIN IDD_ABOUTBOX, DIALOG BEGIN LEFTMARGIN, 7 RIGHTMARGIN, 210 TOPMARGIN, 7 BOTTOMMARGIN, 48 END END #endif // APSTUDIO_INVOKED   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // String Table //   STRINGTABLE PRELOAD DISCARDABLE BEGIN IDR_MAINFRAME "single\n\nSingle\n\n\nSingle.Document\nSingle Document" END STRINGTABLE PRELOAD DISCARDABLE BEGIN AFX_IDS_APP_TITLE "single" AFX_IDS_IDLEMESSAGE "Ready" END STRINGTABLE DISCARDABLE BEGIN ID_INDICATOR_EXT "EXT" ID_INDICATOR_CAPS "CAP" ID_INDICATOR_NUM "NUM" ID_INDICATOR_SCRL "SCRL" ID_INDICATOR_OVR "OVR" ID_INDICATOR_REC "REC" END STRINGTABLE DISCARDABLE BEGIN ID_FILE_NEW "Create a new document\nNew" ID_FILE_OPEN "Open an existing document\nOpen" ID_FILE_CLOSE "Close the active document\nClose" ID_FILE_SAVE "Save the active document\nSave" ID_FILE_SAVE_AS "Save the active document with a new name\nSave As" ID_FILE_PAGE_SETUP "Change the printing options\nPage Setup" ID_FILE_PRINT_SETUP "Change the printer and printing options\nPrint Setup" ID_FILE_PRINT "Print the active document\nPrint" ID_FILE_PRINT_PREVIEW "Display full pages\nPrint Preview" ID_APP_ABOUT "Display program information, version number and copyright\nAbout" ID_APP_EXIT "Quit the application; prompts to save documents\nExit" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE1 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE2 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE3 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE4 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE5 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE6 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE7 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE8 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE9 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE10 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE11 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE12 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE13 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE14 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE15 "Open this document" ID_FILE_MRU_FILE16 "Open this document" ID_NEXT_PANE "Switch to the next window pane\nNext Pane" ID_PREV_PANE "Switch back to the previous window pane\nPrevious Pane" ID_WINDOW_SPLIT "Split the active window into panes\nSplit" ID_EDIT_CLEAR "Erase the selection\nErase" ID_EDIT_CLEAR_ALL "Erase everything\nErase All" ID_EDIT_COPY "Copy the selection and put it on the Clipboard\nCopy" ID_EDIT_CUT "Cut the selection and put it on the Clipboard\nCut" ID_EDIT_FIND "Find the specified text\nFind" ID_EDIT_PASTE "Insert Clipboard contents\nPaste" ID_EDIT_REPEAT "Repeat the last action\nRepeat" ID_EDIT_REPLACE "Replace specific text with different text\nReplace" ID_EDIT_SELECT_ALL "Select the entire document\nSelect All" ID_EDIT_UNDO "Undo the last action\nUndo" ID_EDIT_REDO "Redo the previously undone action\nRedo" ID_VIEW_TOOLBAR "Show or hide the toolbar\nToggle ToolBar" ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR "Show or hide the status bar\nToggle StatusBar" END   STRINGTABLE DISCARDABLE BEGIN AFX_IDS_SCSIZE "Change the window size" AFX_IDS_SCMOVE "Change the window position" AFX_IDS_SCMINIMIZE "Reduce the window to an icon" AFX_IDS_SCMAXIMIZE "Enlarge the window to full size" AFX_IDS_SCNEXTWINDOW "Switch to the next document window" AFX_IDS_SCPREVWINDOW "Switch to the previous document window" AFX_IDS_SCCLOSE "Close the active window and prompts to save the documents" AFX_IDS_SCRESTORE "Restore the window to normal size" AFX_IDS_SCTASKLIST "Activate Task List" AFX_IDS_PREVIEW_CLOSE "Close print preview mode\nCancel Preview" END   #endif   #ifndef APSTUDIO_INVOKED ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Generated from the TEXTINCLUDE 3 resource. //   #define _AFX_NO_SPLITTER_RESOURCES #define _AFX_NO_OLE_RESOURCES #define _AFX_NO_TRACKER_RESOURCES #define _AFX_NO_PROPERTY_RESOURCES   #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) defined(AFX_TARG_ENU) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE 9, 1 #pragma code_page(1252) #endif #include "res\\single.rc2" // non-Microsoft Visual C++ edited resources #include "afxres.rc" // Standard components #include "afxprint.rc" // printing/print preview resources #endif   #endif // not APSTUDIO_INVOKED

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